WCHS’ Glow Dance is a Success


Photo courtesy of Julia Greenberg.

By Jordyn Green, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Different schools have different dance traditions such as winter formals, Sadie Hawkins dances and even dance marathons. As of the 2017-2018 school year, WCHS started the tradition of the Glow dance, a night filled with neon lights, neon clothing and DJ’d music.

This year however, with low ticket sales and disinterest among the different grade levels, the dance was faced with the threat of being cancelled.

It was a little rough at first because we didn’t get as many sales as we did last year,” Class of 2020 MCR Representative Nikka Givpoor said.

Because Glow was a new phenomenon last year, many WCHS students attended to experience the dance. Walter Johnson High School hosted a similar Glow dance on Feb. 8, with the same neon theme and set-up.

“I went to Glow last year, and it was fun to have a dance that was a lot more casual than Homecoming,” junior Danielle Miller said.

SGA sold tickets both through the Online School Payments (OSP) system and outside the cafeteria on the days leading up to the dance. Each ticket cost $10, the same price as last year’s dance.

“We ended up selling enough tickets to have the dance, and in the end the dance was really fun,” Givpoor said.

The Glow dance raises funds for Class of 2020 events such as prom and graduation. However, all grade levels were in charge of promotion and set up for this event. The class of 2021 made a promotional video featuring videos from last year’s dance and members of the class dancing to rap music.

“As a member of Exec board, it is my job to promote all SGA events, including events for other classes,” junior Micaela Magud said. “I went to Glow last year, so it was easy to convince people to buy tickets because I just told them about how much fun I had.”

What people loved most about the event from last year was the attire. Students decked out in neon and glitter to dance the night away with their friends.

“I ordered clothes for Glow a couple of weeks ago, and I’m excited to show them off at the dance,” Miller said.