Senior Holds Concert


Photo Courtesy of Ethan Shrier

By Eliza Asbury , Business Manager

CHS senior Ethan Shrier and Marshall High School, in Virginia, senior Allison Park held a benefit concert on Jan. 29 to raise money to help continue music programs in public schools.
The CHS musician played several pieces of music, including “Fantasy No. 1” by Georg Telemann, and “Meditation” from the opera “Thaïs” by Jules Massenet. Additionally, Shrier and Park performed an original piece for cello and trombone by Shirer’s friend Michael Stevens, who attends East Islip High School in New York.
All proceeds from the concert were donated to VH1’s Save the Music Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to keeping music classes and programs in public schools across the nation, and to help students or schools afford instruments to purchase.
“It was great to see a close friend of mine performing his talent outside of school,” senior Joel Goldstein said. I know how passionate he is about music so it was fun to see him in his element. Raising money for music programs is important and often times music can be a release for many kids and offer them opportunities they can’t get in their academic classes.”