Poms Team Holds Camp


Photo Courtesy of Tatiana Teixeria

By Vicky Gunawan, Contest Manager

The CHS Poms team held a mini camp Feb. 15-16 to give first to eighth graders an opportunity to learn how to dance.
The camp is something the poms team has hosted in the past. After a two years hiatus, the team decided to start it up again this year. The team choreographed a dance number and split the dancers into two groups from first to fifth grade and sixth to eighth grade. After the two clinics, the participants performed at a CHS basketball game.
“Mini Camps are fabulous because not only do they promote poms and recruit talent, but they also provide a sneak preview that gets younger girls excited about dancing and trying out for the team once they’re in high school,” senior and poms captain Tatiana Teixeira said. “I love seeing their eyes light up when we’re teaching: it’s really cute and touching.”