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Spanish Honor Society

Rebekah Sklute, Online News & Observations Editor

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Congratulations to the new students accepted and inducted into the Spanish Honor Society.
“I hope that this year the Spanish Honor Society will get CHS students excited about studying Spanish,” senior and president Sarah Sachar said. “Learning a new language is a great way to expand one’s worldview, appreciate different cultures and break down barriers between people.”

Mishal Ahmad
Evan Altschuler
Bergan Babrowicz
Maggie Cammaroto
Kevin Case
Helene Cho
Abby Clinkscale
Julie Cooper
Rocío Duarte
Aaron Fogelson
Grace Gage
Liza Gunther
Shayna Gutridge
Maddie Horvitz
Drew Ingall
Faith Kean
Usha Konduri
Ila Keshishian
John Kidney
Taylor Kline
Alok Kothari
Paola Lagos
Ellie Lavery
Libba Lawrence
Yoonju Lee
Jacob Maggid
Hana Mangat
Jacey Max
Abigail Mazer
Anna Mollard
Sheerin Naimi
Adishree Nayak
Lacey Ohr
Molly Olcott
Gabriela Parsons
Steven Porter
Jade Phan
Maria Prokos
Jenna Prosen
Charlotte Roberts
Christine Roviera
Brook Rosenbauer
Mary Sailer
Sydney Small
Madeline Schupak
Margot Szamosszegi
Melis Tumanoglu
Allison Wachen
Olivia Wang
John Walsh
Adam Wathieu
Brooke Weiner
Sofía Williamson
Andrew Winer
Ally Winer
Rebecca Wolfson
Isabella Woodward- Montes
Elisabeth Wright
Carissa Wu
Bennett Yang
Alice Zhu

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