Harlem Wizards Events

By Bryan Fletcher, Staff Writer

The Winston Churchill High School Education Foundation (WCHSEF) is holding a fundraiser in the main CHS gym Sunday, April 17, featuring the Harlem Wizards, a popular entertainment basketball team, as special guests.

The main goal of the fundraiser is to raise awareness for the foundation and its goal of improved education for students, as well as to bring families together from all over the CHS community. Students, parents and teachers from all schools within the CHS cluster can attend. Doors open at 3 p.m. Prepaid tickets are $13 for children, $17 for adults and $20 for anyone at the door.

“The event is a fundraiser, but the the majority of funds raised will come from the sponsorships we obtain versus generating most revenue from ticket sales,” WCHSEF Chairwoman Laura Siegel said. “I prefer to think of this event as a FUN-raiser because it will be lots of fun for students, parents and staff of all ages.”

Many teachers and students will be playing against the Harlem Wizards at the fundraiser. Players include social studies teachers Kevin Doherty, Paul Jacobson and Evan Rosenthal, along with science teacher Adam Fugal and Spanish teacher Priscilla Ramos.

To get more information about the event or to purchase tickets, visit www.chsfoundation.org/events/.