CHS English teacher holds poetry reading during lunch


Savett reads from his published anthology, Preservation.

By Fiona Asbury, Opinions Editor

English teacher Jeffery Savett gave his second annual poetry reading Sept. 5 to several fourth period English classes. He read five poems from his published anthology, Preservation, and gave a speech about poetry.

Savett began the reading by giving a speech on his perception of what poetry is and the job of the poet. By relating poetry to the unseen connections between seemingly separate land masses, such as Australia and New Zealand, Savett held that the art of poetry was about revealing the hidden connections in life.

“I would argue that we have art in order to uncover the truth,” Savett said.

According to Savett, seeing beauty in the world is a choice one must make and poetry exists to wake one up. He draws some of his inspiration from the amazement that children have for the world.

Savett’s named his anthology Preservation because of his desire to preserve the beauty he sees in the people, moments and connections in life.

According to Savett, the first poem “In Concert” was about “being scarred by [his] mom” as she showed up to one of gigs as a young musician.

He also read, “Of Love and Arithmetic,” a poem about his wife and his first publication, “Catch,” a poem about the rekindling of the father and son bond through a game of catch, “With Mastadon,” a poem about bringing his friend to a concert, and “Seek,” a poem about playing hide-and-seek with his daughter.

According to English teacher Carol Deoro, who helped organize the reading, CHS is lucky to have a published author at the school and the reading was a special privilege.

Students are able to purchase his entire signed anthology for $10 if they visit Deoro in room 235 or Savett in room 233.

“We have a limited supply, so students should buy them quickly before they run out,” Deoro said.