Club Corner: Photography Club


Jessica Hirsch

Senior president Dina Trembisky takes a picture for the photography club.

By Jessica Hirsch, Staff Writer

A place for artistic students to express their interests, the CHS Photography Club provides an outlet for students looking to learn about or expand their knowledge of photography.

The club went on a field trip to Brookside Gardens earlier this year and plans to participate in several upcoming events, including the Tunnel Vision Competition and the Congressional Arts Show. Officers use Facebook to communicate with members about meetings and activities.

“I wanted to be more active in photography and as a senior, I wanted to keep the tradition going,” senior president Dina Trembisky said. “The purpose is having a common hobby and meeting people that will not be annoyed by you stopping every five seconds in a park to take a picture, because they do it too.”

The club existed at CHS last year, but it plans to participate in a greater number of activities in the future. Trembisky urges people who are looking to learn about or practice photography to join.

“Photography as an art is so different from most others,” Trembisky said. “It’s a breath of fresh air in a world where most art involves using your hands to create it. Photography is totally different but still lets you express yourself.”