Zeitlin plans political internship after SMOB loss

By Allison Srour Features Editor and Allison Srour Features Editor

Congratulations to junior Hal Zeitlin
for making it to the final round of the 2011 MCPS Student Member of the Board (SMOB) election.
Zeitlin had to get through several
rounds of debates, speeches and primary elections before he could become one of the final two SMOB candidates.
“I made all the efforts I could to reach out to delegates before the Nominating Convention,” Zeitlin said. “I tried my hardest to separate myself from typical candidates, and it turned out to work great.”
Though Zeitlin lost to SMOB incumbent
Alan Xie, he is very glad to have made it this far and has gained a lot from the memorable experience.
“This experience not only taught me how to navigate across the county, but helped me gain speaking skills,” Zeitlin said. “In addition, I got an inside look of how politics work from a candidate’s perspective.”
Zeitlin plans on taking a shortened
schedule next year to spend afternoons in Capitol Hill meeting with congressional members and lobbying for the National Youth Association
(NYA). Due to all of his hard work in the SMOB elections, he gained the position of Director of Federal Government Relations for the NYA. Zeitlin has already begun planning lobbying efforts and is hoping
to get a bill through the Senate this year.