Art festival showcases students’ talents

Each year, CHS invites performers and artists of various genres to showcase their best work in the Festival of the Arts, this year held April 11 – 14.
According to art department resource teacher Paul Dermont, the festival consisted
of many different events including the choral concert, theatre presentations, the jazz coffee house, and the band and orchestra concert.
“Art teachers select the art, but we try to get a variety of age groups and ability levels,”
Dermont said. “We try to showcase different projects from the whole year.”
The showcase allowed students to show their work to more people other than their teachers and classmates.
“Students like to see their work displayed,”
Dermont said. “The festival helps instill a sense of self-confidence and pride if chosen.”
The festival was not just an opportunity
for these artists to display their work, but it is also allowed for an exchange
of ideas and techniques.
“We are limited to our own ideas, but when we see other student’s work, we expand our creative mind,” junior Angela Kim said.