Churchill Green makes environment priority

By Allison Srour Contest Manager

Churchill Green, a club founded by senior Aaron Katz and junior Hal Zeitlin this year, was created to help the school become more environmentally
aware. Its main goal is to promote a “greener” environment and to instill a greater sense of the environment’s importance in the community.
Through fundraisers and sponsorships,
Churchill Green plans to raise enough money to give a pro-environment shirt to each student for free, as well as put some of its money towards building a garden in the school.
“We are planning to build a school garden and what is grown in it will go to the homeless,” Zeitlin
said. “We are planning a day of environmental education and public service complemented with a ‘green week.’”
In order to accomplish an overallenvironmentally-friendly mentality
among students, club members have been selling products that can help people “go-green” and support fair trade and organic farming.
According to junior and club president Will Mulhern, the club just participated in the Equal Exchange Fundraiser, where club members sold organic coffee and tea and other eco-friendly products.
Churchill Green sold T-shirts and baked goods at local schools on election days this past fall and is planning on getting sponsorships to further reach its goal. Its next fundraiser will be with Clean Currents, which is a company that provides wind energy and solar power in homes.
“We will get a commission for signing people up for converting
to wind energy,” Zeitlin said. “It is cheaper than coal [or] nuclear energy and lowers carbon emissions.”