Students succeed at AIME

Congratulations to sophomore Christopher Hazard, junior Kayo Teramoto and seniors Sei Masuoka and Yuhau Lin who qualified for and participated in the 2010 American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME).
The AIME is a three-hour math exam which consists of 15 questions and does not allow the use of a calculator.
According to the Mathematical Association of America website, the questions on the AIME are considered difficult and it is unlikely for students to obtain the correct answer by guessing.
“To prepare [for the exam], I studied previous AIME and [American Mathematics Contest (AMC)] tests, and I read a few books,” Hazard said.
The AIME is intended to provide students with an opportunity to challenge their mathematical abilities. To qualify for this exam, students must first participate and score in top percentiles in the AMC.
“You use different theorems, formulas and other things you have learned and apply them in different ways,” Hazard said.