Author Julie Kraut visits alma mater

Julie Kraut, author of the new book Swept Away and ‘00 CHS alumni, visited CHS Nov. 16 during lunch.

After writing her first book Hot Mess, Kraut was inspired by her enjoyable summers at sleep away camp to write Swept Away which was published in May 2009.

“[Swept Away] is about a city girl who gets sent, against her will, to a very rustic sleep away camp,” Kraut said. “It’s [about] her summer there and how she makes friends.”

Kraut feels that although she did not discover her passion for writing until after she graduated, CHS fully prepared her for life after high school.

“CHS gave me the confidence and skill to make me feel that I could pursue anything I wanted to,” Kraut said. “My education has been an instrumental foundation for everything I’ve done.”