Club Corner: Enviornmental Club

By Donald Kim, Staff Writer

The CHS Environmental club focuses on creating a environmentally friendly school by recycling paper and bottles around the school and promoting the use of more efficient energy.

“The new blue and green recycling bins placed around the school and the new energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs that [were] installed were the successes of last year’s Environmental Club,” president Steven Varkiani said.

The club hopes to expand its involvement with organizations outside of the school such as the Environmental Protection Agency and work together to spread awareness of ways of eco-friendly ways to live. The Environmental Club received a rating of A last year from MCPS, and so has gained publicity to earn support from the community.

“Dr. Benz suggested that we begin reusing water that is otherwise discarded in half-empty bottles,” Varkiani said. “We plan to associate with a larger organization that will aid in funding for more ‘green’ activities and may also begin planting trees or testing streams later on in the year.”

Meetings will be held Tuesdays right after school of every month and for every meeting student attends, he/she will receive 1 SSL hour, as well as extra hours for any additional activities. This club also fulfills the student’s Science National Honors Society requirement.

“We do hope members of the club will gain awareness about being environmentally friendly, and take that knowledge and implement it in other situations, whether it be at home, work or anywhere else for that matter,” Varkiani said. “We really just want to spread awareness and get more people to make environmentally friendly decisions.”