Students look forward to fall into autumn


Courtesy of Maya Bhattiprolu

WCHS student takes a walk in forest during the fall. The leaves turn orange at the trees which is a sign that winter break is rapidly approaching.

By Austin Vinner, Photo Manager

Fall can be an exciting time for many people, but with all the holidays and winter break rapidly approaching, it is easy to get distracted from school work. However, many students claim that Fall is their favorite season.

Some of the Fall activities include Halloween and visiting Field of Screams as well as Thanksgiving and all that is involved with that holiday. Many WCHS students look forward to these Fall events, Melissa Goldstein, a Sophomore,  recently attended Field of Screams.

“I like going to Field of Screams,” Goldstein said. “I went this year and it was a lot of fun; the cold air and darkness made the jump scares a lot scarier than going in early September when it’s warmer out.” 

Fall is not only an exciting time for doing things with friends but also an extreme change in weather from the summer. The cold weather in Maryland is often random, meaning sometimes there is three feet of snow and sometimes the temperatures reach 70 degrees.

“The Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons because personally; I love the cold along with the comforting feeling I get during these seasons since they’re very festive,” Goldstein said. “My friends and I will normally bake cookies while watching either a holiday or Halloween movie,  and do a lot of outdoor activities before the weather gets too cold to be outside.” 

As well as the weather, Fall brings more stress in school as the teachers finish easing the students into the school year. The increased workload pushes students to want another break and winter break provides this.

“During the Fall and Winter times I get really excited because Fall is my favorite season since all the holidays are coming up,” sophomore Emel Zuberi said. “Winter break is also coming up which I’m happy about – I get to go on vacation and don’t have to worry as much about school work.”

Fall can be a stressful time but it precedes Winter break, which gives students the chance to go on vacation, which can be helpful in reducing stress. However, the opposite may also occur as Fall sometimes causes  students to get distracted because of their excitement as Winter break approaches allowing them to leave school for a few weeks.

“With Winter break coming up, I think that people will be super excited for vacation and spend more time focusing on their Winter break plans rather than school,” Zuberi said. “People won’t be as invested in school as they were at the beginning of the year.”

School can be difficult to balance with other activities and having only recently come back from Summer, getting back into a schedule is important. A good mindset for learning is necessary for success but overdoing it can lead to fatigue, which is not helpful.

“I want to make sure that I have enough free time and personal time built into my schedule so I don’t get over stressed and tired of school. I still think that the mindsets of the students will start to change and they won’t be as focused on school as we get closer to Winter break,” Goldstein said.