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Fashion-forward CHS students fancy Flannel Friday

Trying to figure out what to wear five days a week can be tough. One may have a well planned out outfit on Monday, but by the weeks end, one’s passion for fashion can burn out. That is why Flannel Friday is perfect.

Flannel Friday is the dedication of Friday as the day of the week where one must wear a flannel. It was developed by junior Jake Smith.

“I did it because flannels look good and feel amazing,” Smith said. “Also, I wore a red flannel on a Friday and everyone asked me if I was a lumberjack. I really felt like the term lumberjack captured my masculinity well, so I decided to keep on wearing flannels every Friday.”

Flannel Friday is about more than masculinity though. It allows students to have a day where they do not have to think about anything but looking great in their favorite style of plaid and feeling comfortable.

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According to junior Eric Murray, the softness of flannels attracted him to participating.

Flannel Friday is not the only day where students use alliteration to help make a clothing decision, however. Tank-Top Tuesday is another day for students to follow guidelines for pre-chosen attire.

“I started doing Tank-Top Tuesday during the spring, when it was really nice out,” senior Erik Roberts said. “I’m dedicated enough to participate in Tank-Top Tuesday during a polar vortex.”

However, though they both offer the convenience of a guaranteed outfit choice, some argue that Flannel Friday is the superior choice.

“I feel Tank-Top Tuesday involves a lot of dedication and risk with the cold weather,” Murray argued. “Flannel Friday is always comfortable and goes well with any pair of khakis.”

Flannel Friday is more than just a convenience, it is a movement. Students can now look forward to Friday for more than the end of the school week. They can now enjoy comparing flannels with their friends’ and sitting in comfy fuzziness. It is a way for students to connect with each other.

It is also a cheap trend to join in on. When shopping, students can now stop checking the high priced mall stores for outfits and head for the trendy thrift shops where there are plenty of flannels for just a few bucks.

One must wonder why all students do not participate in Flannel Friday on a regular basis. Sometimes, laundry day is to blame.

According to Murray, he likes to wear flannels throughout the week and sometimes does not manage to have a clean one for Friday.

Others do not have the desire to participate in Flannel Friday at all, despite the convenience and community joy it brings.

“I don’t let days of the week dictate what I wear,” junior Griffin Horn said.

Still, next time you wake on a Friday with seemingly nothing to wear, it is cool to grab that soft, oversized button down, and get into the fun of Flannel Friday.

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Fashion-forward CHS students fancy Flannel Friday