CHS sits down with creator of Reactr

CHS sits down with creator of Reactr

Yasmine Kehnemouyi smiling at a message she received.

By Natalie Cortez, Public Relations

Here at CHS, sending “lol” provoking pictures to friends is a popular and reccurring phenomenon.

However, one is constantly bombarded with the redundant “omg” or “haha” responses from people.  If only one could see the look on their face when they open the message. Luckily, now one can.

The new, free photo-sharing app, Reactr, captures a person’s reaction when they see a photo and allows others to view their response too.

“I think this app is a cool way of capturing how someone felt when viewing something, whether it is excited, upset or frightened,” junior Yasmine Kehnemouyi said. “Many times we long to see how someone will react to something we send them and this app allows us to do just that.”

Below is an interview with Ash Gilpin, president of Eyepinch, Inc., a digital advertising agency based in Virginia Beach, and the creator of Reactr, covering topics from how this new app would benefit students to how students can break into the app-designing business.

Q: How did you come up with the idea of Reactr?

A: I had sent a funny picture to my friends only to receive countless “haha,” “omg” and “lol” responses. I was missing out on some priceless reactions. Then it occurred to me that this was missing from today’s photo-sharing frenzy.

Q: What is the age group you are marketing this new app to?

A: We are marketing to tweens, teens and young adults—same demographics as that of similar apps in the photo-sharing space.

Q: Why can Teens (like at Churchill) benefit from Reactr?

A: How many times have you sent a photo or video to a friend only to receive a reply like “omg” or “lol?”  Would it not have been great to see the reaction your friend had?  Often times the reaction is more funny or meaningful than the original message.  Whether you are sending something funny that would provoke a “lol” or something cute to provoke an “aww”, Reactr is designed to capture those priceless moments.

Q: What makes the app different from other photo sharing apps…like Snapchat (which is very popular)?

A: There are many photo-sharing apps that are becoming widely popular; however, no other app on the market can capture someone’s reaction.

Q: I hear you are adding a video component? How will that be?

A: Photo reactions are great; however, being static and only representing a brief moment in time, they need to be timed just right.  With video, we are enabling users to share video messages and record video reactions.  This really lets you appreciate the full effect that your message had on your friend.

Q: How can teens become software/app designers? Is it an easy or very difficult thing to get into?

A: I would not say it is a particularly easy field to get in to.  It requires skill, creativity, motivation and dedication.  There are plenty of sites sprouting up that are making it easier for people to learn how to code.  If you have the passion and dedication to learn the trade and the creativity and vision to build apps with purpose and appeal, I would say that there is no better time than now to get in to this fast-paced market.

Q: What makes an App “good”?

A: First off, you need to be unique.  What is the single differentiating factor between your app and others?  Once you have determined that feature, what kind of marketability does it have?  Is it likely people will find it useful or entertaining?  This is a great time to get feedback from peers in and outside of your network.  If you determine the time, money and effort are worth investing, make sure to develop your app so that it is easy to use. Do not throw in a bunch of useless features that may distract from the core function of the app.

Q: Any additional comments you wish to say about Reactr?

A: We are really excited about the app.  We are receiving great feedback and using such feedback to build in new features and make the app a great user experience.

Picture: Yasmine Kehnemouyi smiling at a message she received.