CHS prepare for the coming of the sweaters

CHS prepare for the coming of the sweaters

By Greer Smith, Opinions Editor

It is that glorious time of year where one can dig into the closet and pull out the wooliest, gaudiest, and most festive sweater known to man. That is right, coming up Dec. 16-20 is the long awaited Sweater Week.

Where did this week originate though? Well it may be traced back to Ugly Sweater Parties.

According to a November 2011 blog post on the Washington Post website, Ugly Sweater Parties are parties that originated in Vancouver to sarcastically celebrate atrocious garments worn seriously during the 1980s.

Sweater Week is a way for everyone at CHS to enjoy the holidays and the joy of a sweater party for an entire week. Students really get into the swing of it.

“I don’t have to think about what I should wear each day and it’s festive and fun,” senior Taylor Sriebnick said. “I just like to see other people’s sweaters.”

As well as sweater week being an excellent way to show one is getting into the holiday spirit, it is a good way for one to get away with wearing his or her favorite sweater that, during any other time of year, might be judged harshly.

“I participate in sweater week because it is perfectly acceptable to wear cozy sweaters that would otherwise not be acceptable at any other time,” junior Colton Neubauer said.

Sometimes, students want to cut loose and wear something crazy he or she found at a thrift shop or his or her favorite store. Whether it is an oversized Cosby-sweater, or a sweater vest with snowmen decals hanging from it, sweater weeks allow students to enjoy the best of the winter festivities while warm and comfortable.

According to Neubauer, his favorite part is being able to learn while wearing a comfortable sweater.

So, prepare yourselves students of CHS because, come the 16th, the halls will be flooded with the worst of sweater fashions, but also the best, because there is nothing better than sweater week.