Observer Observes WJ Rumor


Tickets went on sale during lunch for tonight’s game.

By Sammi Silber and Erica Spaeth

Rumors have been going around throughout CHS, claiming that Walter Johnson High School (WJ) students are not allowed to attend the Sept. 16 football game between WJ and CHS.

However, the Observer has learned that this fact is actually fiction.  According to Assistant Principal John Taylor, although the rivalry can turn violent, CHS will not prohibit WJ students from attending the game.


“There have been unfortunate events,” Taylor said.  “But why should we punish the entire student body based on a few students’ actions?”


The rumors originated on Facebook on the game’s event page, causing confusion amongst students and staff, including those at WJ.


According to WJ Athletic director Sue Amos, she had heard about the rumor and was quick to debunk it since “there is no truth behind the rumor.”


The football game between CHS and WJ is Monday, Sept. 16 at 6:30 p.m.  All students, whether they are from CHS or WJ, are welcome to attend tonight’s game to cheer on their respective teams.