College visits prove helpful to choosing the right school

For juniors and seniors, visiting colleges
is a crucial part of choosing the school that best suits their needs and provides the most comforting environment.
Choosing the right dates to make college visits and mapping out an itinerary to tour the campus can have a huge impact on the student’s perception
of a school, so it is important to plan ahead.
“I would recommend coming in the spring to get the full opportunity to see all the students,” Duke University admissions
officer Ben Adams said.
Weekday visits generate a day-to-day feel of the school for students.
“I visited RIT [Rochester Institute of Technology] on a Friday we didn’t have school and through the weekend sometime back in November,” senior Emily O’Shaughnessy said. “It was very helpful because I was able to be there all day and meet with heads of the departments
as well as current students who answered questions for me. I was also able to attend a hockey game where I was surrounded by the most spirited students in the whole arena.”
According to the College Board’s official website, students should research the application
requirements, attend the group information session at the admission office, sit in on a class that interests them and getcontact information for future questions. It also recommends that students take the time to go through each school’s website and schedule tours through the office of admissions before the actual visit.
“It helps to come prepared to interviews
with professors or admissions counselors with questions for them so that they feel useful to your college experience and have an opportunity to sway you towards their school,” O’Shaughnessy said. “Asking questions
also lets them know that you are interested, you have done research, and that you are seriously considering their school.”
Many students feel that exploring the social scene at the school is an important thing to do while visiting.
“I would encourage all kids visiting schools to most importantly try and go to an athletic event and surround yourself with the kids that go there,” O’Shaughnessy said.