Trendy store undergoes drastic makeover, expansion

By By Julie Kracov Business Manager Olivia Parven Contest Manager

If you walked into Forever 21 last year, you, like most patrons, might have felt crazed by the cramped atmosphere. But this year, the store brings something new to the table. The luminous staircase, sparkling chandeliers and glistening tiles all represent Forever 21’s new and improved look.
 After closing its doors at Montgomery Mall, Forever 21 moved their merchandise to their sister store Heritage during construction, to continue with business while they renovated to ultimately attract more customers.  During its grand re-opening Sept. 4, many customers were amazed because what used to be such a clutter-filled store had become an easy and accessible shopping haven.
 “There is two times more merchandise,” store manager Jung K said. “There is more space and better organization.”
 The two-story store is split into sections of brands within the Forever 21 main brand. The new sections include a new maternity line called Love 21, Twelve by Twelve, Heritage and a men’s section.  This particular Forever 21, next to Build-A-Bear, is not the only store in the franchise being revamped.  According to Jung, many other stores, including locations in D.C. are reinventing their appearances.
“The two floors are pretty sweet, and it’s easier to find the clothes that I’m looking for,” junior Lucy Mangan said.
According to Jung, the average cost of clothing is less than $30, though it varies per season and brand. Winter clothing tends to be more expensive, whereas summer clothes such as tank tops, are cheaper because they can be produced in large quantities.  Some students have found that less expensive clothes had led to cheaper materials.
“Several shirts of mine that I have bought from Forever 21 have ripped,” Mangan said.
Love 21, Twelve by Twelve and Heritage sell clothes at lower prices.  Love 21 sells inexpensive maternity clothing , but Heritage and Twelve by Twelve, on the other hand, offer the same types of clothing as the main Forever 21 brand, but at a lower price point, in the $20 range.
“The reason most people shop here is because we keep up with the trends for a low price,” Jung said. “The success of the renovation has paid off.”