Student Snapshot: Alex Zohore

By By Maddy Flax

Ever since he can remember, senior Alex Zohore has been obsessed with fashion. Since middle school he has saved his doodle-covered folders and notebooks filled with clothing sketches, and cannot remember a time when he was not infatuated with designing clothes.
“I design all the time; during class, at home, I’m always drawing new designs,” Zohore said. “I still have my sixth grade notebooks that are covered with sketches.”
This fall, after years of working on his own collections just for fun, all of Zohore’s work is paying off as he prepares to show his collection during Washington D.C. Fashion  Week. He will be presenting his line with other designers who applied to display collections. Although Zohore is underage, his line was so impressive that the judges are bending the rules to let him show.
“My collection is very strong and masculine, yet fun and flirty and girly at the same time,” Zohore said. “When I’m designing my clothes, I like to blur the lines between men and women.”
According to Zohore, designing comes easily to him, and is often quite relaxing, though he recognizes that it may seem like a tough and arduous task to some.
“Designing can be really tough if you’re scared,” Zohore said. “Sometimes, if the things you’re drawing seem too fantastic to be real, you might get scared. But in order to succeed, you can’t be [afraid].”
Zohore is already planning how to incorporate his love of art into his future. He is currently Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook and is planning to double-major in photography and graphic design in college. He also plans to get a Masters’ degree in both photography and fashion.
“Alex is in my AP Photography class this year,” art and photography teacher Michael Foo said. “Although his forte is in fashion, he is a very experienced photographer and can cover all aspects of photography.”
In the future, Zohore dreams about going into fashion as a career, and would love to have his own professional line. He loves all types of art but has a special connection to fashion because of the personal feeling he has toward his creations.
“Fashion is one of the most accessible art forms,” Alex said. “Sure, people can go to a museum and see some pretty art once in a while, but fashion is art that people live with every day of their lives.”