Fall TV lineup brings variety to viewers

By By Jake Sutton Staff Writer

You’re sitting at home, bored, watching TV, and wondering when your favorite TV show will be back on again.
Fall TV previews are a great way to tell people what upcoming TV shows are coming out in the fall. They also help viewers find whether their shows are going to be cancelled, delayed or extended.
According to TVguide.com, a website that gives reviews on TV shows, America’s Next Top Model (CW), The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Bones (Fox), Brothers & Sisters (ABC), Castle (ABC), The Cleveland Show (Fox), Community (NBC), and Cougar Town (ABC) are some shows that viewers should be watching out for.
“The Cleveland Show is funny because it’s like Family Guy and it relates to how dumb people act in real life,” junior Larry Cheung said.
TVguide.com is a great website to use to check weekly updates for shows. It also gives reviews on TV shows the critics think are not so good.
According to critics on TVguide.com, Better Off Ted (ABC), Cold Case (CBS), The Deep End (ABC), Flash Forward (ABC), The Forgotten (ABC), and Heroes (NBC) are just some of the shows that aren’t getting such good reviews.
“Heroes is the greatest show of all time because it makes me want to be a hero,” junior Jeremy Weinreich said, disagreeing with TV Guide.
Fall Previews are also a great way to see the most popular or the watched TV show in the U.S.
Fall TV previews  help even those individuals who would like to see a show that has been going on for a while by giving them a synopsis of what has already happened.