Backpack ‘swag’ shows who you really are

By By Charles Cook Thomas Geenen Staff Writers

Many students see the new school year as a clean slate. New stories to tell, new classes and new teachers. However, one item of a students life which never seems to change is the backpack and along with it, the way students choose to “rock” it.

The bond between a backpack and a student is usually very strong. They are durable, reliable, convenient, and boost “swag.” The familiarity of this bond causes the student to usually keep their backpack for several years.

According to junior Sam Edens, who has had the same backpack since fourth grade, backpacks are durable and last long, so constantly spending money on them is unnecessary.

Not every one chooses the generic backpack to hold their books and supplies. CHS junior Katie Skryzniarz carries a Vera Bradley tote bag, which has no zippers and, according to her, contains the same amount of items that any other backpack can.

“It makes it easier to get out my binders quickly,” Skryzniarz said. “My bag is pretty big, so I can fit as much stuff in it [as a normal backpack].”

In the CHS hallways, students will see the typical brands such as North Face, Jansport, Under Armour and the occasional Kipling. In reality, it is not about the brand one wears but how one chooses to wear it.

However, comfort is the most important factor. After all, students lug around multiple binders and textbooks all day, and the weight of all the materials will end up taking its toll. But looks are just as important.

“I wear my backpack with the straps loosened al the way,” senior Alex Schmidt said. “The advantage to this is you look fresh.”

There are just as many styles to wearing backpacks as there are actual backpacks. The one-shoulder swag and the low rider are typical styles used by guys. Many girls add a personal flair to their look by dangling key chains from their backpacks and crossing their arms for a indifferent look.

Incoming CHS students need not be intimidated by the plethora of knapsacks seen throughout the halls. As long as the backpack satisfies the criteria of holding school supplies practically, then you are set.