Prom awards

Welcome to the Observer’s  first ever How-She-Got-Asked-To-Prom awards. These are the stories that make girls swoon and reveal the more sensitive sides of the boys at CHS. This year, the senior boys displayed great creativity in finding ways to ask their dates to prom, earning a chorus of “aaawww” and “how cute.” Though the competition was tough, without further ado, the awards go to (drum roll please)….

Unexpected Timing and Location:

Bryce Shemer and Nikki Certner:“We had the WJ baseball game and I wrote on a baseball a little inside joke between me and Nikki and ‘Will you go to prom with me?’ After the game was over, I shook hands with the other team, our entire team ran to right field and then I tossed her the baseball but I happened to overshoot the throw so she had to go run and get it. After, we were running back into the dugout, she threw the ball back with ‘Yes’ on it. She kept the baseball.” –Bryce Shemer.

Sweet ‘N’ Simple

Eric Peters and Sammi Greenwald: “I came into first period and an aide from guidance came in with a rose and a card and the card just said ‘will.’ Then, [in] second period the same thing happened but this time the card said ‘you.’ That kept happening until seventh period and it spelled out, ‘Will you go to prom with Peters.’ I texted him back and said yes.” – Sammi Greenwald

Funniest, Most Random Way to Ask  Your Girlfriend

Jake Dockser and Olivia Kleinman: “I found this guy online that was a singing telegram and his name was Stan the Gorilla man. Olivia was in class doing an AP practice test and the gorilla [slammed] open the door and [walked] in and some girl jumped and thought he was real. Then he sang ‘Zippity Do Da’ and said ‘Olivia, I am here for you.’ And he said ‘Jake would go bananas if you go to prom with him.’ Then he gave her [a lot of] balloons and left. I only did it because she said I could never embarrass her asking her to prom, so that was a challenge and I had to do something good. Her face was really red but she said ‘yes.’” –Jake Dockser

Most Well-Thought Out

Kenneth Saunders and Jourdi Tobias: “I worked with [Jourdi’s friend] Meenu on this. We went to Swains Lock and I built a campfire. Then Meenu went to Jourdi’s house and gave her a GPS programmed to Swains Lock and just told her to follow it. When Jourdi got there we had s’mores and noodles because she likes Noodles & Co. While we ate, Meenu decorated her car with the word ‘Prom’ all over and when Jourdi got back to her car there was a “Check yes or no box” also written on the car and she responded like that.” –Kenneth Saunders

Most Destined to Go to Prom Together

John Klein and Pamela Gorgei: “I’ve been in Chinese class with Pam since first grade, so I made a sign in Chinese that said, ‘Pam will you go to prom with me?’ and ordered Chinese food for lunch. I got one of her friends to take her up to Mrs. Goodwin’s room where everything was set up and a big group of our friends was waiting there and I was holding that sign. I asked her and we all had a Chinese food lunch.” –John Klein