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Boys varsity swim and dive brings home state championships

John Nguyen explodes off the blocks as he begins to swim.

By Joe Raab, Sports Editor

March 8, 2019

The boys varsity swim and dive team conquered the state championships on Feb. 24. This is the second year in a row that the boys have brought home a state title. They were led by captains Steven Mendley, John Nguyen and Sean Nguyen. “Our team was very successful this year because of how big this year’s team was...

Student-athlete on the fast-track to success

Alex Primich sprints to the finish line at the 4A West Regional Championships on Feb. 7.

By Sacha Feldberg, Staff Writer

March 7, 2019

As the spring sports season begins and multi-sport athletes transition from last season, few can say that they are entering a season in which they have been on the varsity team for three years. Even fewer can say that they play one varsity sport, but are being recruited for another varsity sport. Sophomore...

Athlete of the Month: March 2019

Athlete of the Month: March 2019

By Julia Lescht, Online Editor-in-Chief

March 7, 2019

Senior Cat Correa has proved herself to be a dominant force on the basketball court, playing a large role in the WCHS girls varsity basketball team’s strongest season since 2003--the year they won the state championship. Correa has been on the varsity team since her freshman year, and she has been...

WCHS’ Glow Dance is a Success

Photo courtesy of Julia Greenberg.

By Jordyn Green, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

March 6, 2019

Different schools have different dance traditions such as winter formals, Sadie Hawkins dances and even dance marathons. As of the 2017-2018 school year, WCHS started the tradition of the Glow dance, a night filled with neon lights, neon clothing and DJ’d music. This year however, with low ticket sales and...

Amazon cancels plans to create new headquarters in N.Y.

Amazon’s proposed HQ2 location in NYC was shut down by local activist groups. The groups argued Amazon would drive the cost of living up, hurting the surrounding New Yorkers.

By Brandon Li and Joe Raab

March 6, 2019

After publicly revealing the creation of two new headquarter locations in Arlington, Va. and New York City, N.Y., Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos announced Feb. 14 he will cancel the construction of the NYC location. Bezos originally planned to have only one HQ2 location, setting up a wild goose...

March TOTM: Yih Lee

WCHS Chinese teacher  Yih Lee is the teacher of the month for March.

By Vicky Gunawan, Observations Editor

March 6, 2019

When choosing a language to learn at WCHS, many students think of Spanish or French, yet there is one language that is unique and taught with extraordinary knowledge: Chinese. A member of the language department, Yih Lee teaches Chinese 4 through 7 and AP Chinese. Growing up, Lee had no intentions ...

Recent events incite action from administration

Students in leadership class work to promote a united WCHS community through artistic pieces such as banners. Also, a new advisory period will take place once a month for students and staff to discuss grade level and community-wide issues.

By Bryan Fletcher and Fatima Yazdi

March 6, 2019

Following the recent events involving N-Word usage passes being handed out to students, principal Brandice Heckert and WCHS administration are taking new measures to fight against bigotry, racism and insensitivity at school. The incident, which has since reached national news headlines, has drawn...

WCHS English teacher publishes young adult novel series

Former Washington Post columnist Bob Levey recently wrote a novel titled “Larry Felder, Candidate”.

By Jeremy Fredricks, Staff Writer

February 27, 2019

If you’ve had English 9 teacher Grant Goodman, you may be familiar with his work as an author. Goodman is currently working on the fourth book in his series “Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve,” in addition to a sci-fi novel for high school students. Goodman first pursued his passion for writing in...

Movie memes take over social media platforms

After popular movies, like “Bird Box”, come out, people go to social media to make memes highlighting specific scenes from the movie, turning them into sources of entertainment.

By Eliza Asbury, Online Editor-in-Chief

February 27, 2019

The modern day movie watching experience goes as such: Movie. Meme. Repeat. You see a movie, and when you go home to check Instagram or Twitter, you see the thousands of memes created about said movie. Recently, movies of all genres have been subjects of the meme world. For those who have not gotten...

WCHS’ best of 2018

The Observer deems the burger chain Shake Shack, which recently opened in Cabin John Shopping Center, one of the best new things of 2018.

By Bradley Furgerson and Jackson Resnick

February 27, 2019

Best Artist: Ariana Grande Ever since exploding onto the music scene in 2013, Ariana Grande has been one of the biggest names in pop music. Recent years have been kind to the former Nickelodeon star, as she has had hit single after hit single almost every year except 2017 when she did not release a...

Netflix’s You reveals the dark side of human nature

Penn Badgley plays Joe Goldberg, Beck’s boyfriend and creepy stalker. He is often the star of many of the horrifying drama that takes place in You.

By Allison Jacobs, Assistant News Editor

February 26, 2019

On Sept. 9, Netflix released the show You, an intense and steamy drama. The show takes place in New York City, and throughout the ten episodes, a sinister relationship forms between the two main characters, while we find out more about each of their scary pasts. The acting and shocking plot has brough...

Students teach the community about Sikhism

A traditional book of daily prayers, known as a the Nitnem, on display at the WCHS seminar. To its right is a traditional beaded bracelet that Sikhs count while praying.

By Andrew Chan, Assistant Sports Editor

February 8, 2019

An organization at WCHS is striving to educate the community on a religion known as Sikhism. Many Sikhs are often mistaken for other religious groups or mislabeled. Sikh Kid to Kid was created to help spread awareness on the Sikh religion throughout the MCPS community. Sikh Kid to Kid’s main goal is...

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