Flying solo? Fun activities for V-Day


Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

Gifts such as chocolates and flowers are very stereotypical and do not make the holiday and fun while cockroaches spice things up.

By Ryan Weiner, Sports Editor

Heart-shaped boxes with overpriced chocolates, teddy bears containing cheesy messages and corny cards that could have only been bought from Hallmark. For people unfortunate enough to be stuck in a relationship this year, the odds are high that they will be going to buy at least one of these things for their partner. The odds are also in favor that they will go to some fancy restaurant, watch a romcom movie together or do something else that will make any single person in sight gag.

However, singles who will have to watch these atrocities occur in just a few days’ time are not going to be left hanging. Being single on Valentine’s Day can be fun, if one knows how to navigate it correctly. There are plenty of special offers and activities available that can help singles get over a past relationship or enjoy the holiday. 

1) Name-A-Roach

The Name-A-Roach program, which is offered annually at both the Bronx and San Antonio Zoos, allows people to pay $15 for the right to name a Madagascar hissing cockroach, as well as receive a certificate with the given name. It started in 2011 at the Bronx Zoo when zookeepers wanted to think of a creative way to name the 10,000 cockroaches that they use to feed the different animals from that region. It also serves as a fundraiser for the zoos, as all of the profits go directly to them. Although the program is only at these two zoos, people can order from anywhere in the country, making it accessible for WCHS students. 

As its popularity has grown, the deal has expanded to allow viewers to purchase cockroach merchandise like a pair of socks or a beanie. For $75, customers can get all of the above plus a video of their roach being fed to a zoo animal. Although it might be slightly sadistic, the Name-A-Roach program is an enjoyable time for anyone looking for a little petty revenge after a breakup. 

2) BOGO Milkshakes

For a more local option, singles looking for a sweet treat on Valentine’s Day can head to participating Shake Shacks for a buy one, get one free milkshake deal. This offer started a few years ago and most Shake Shack locations participate in the deal. Fortunately, the multiple locations in our area will allow WCHS students to take advantage of it. 

The best part of the deal is that while a couple might share the two milkshakes with one another, a single person can get both milkshakes for themselves. Although it may not be the healthiest, the offer will surely sweeten any bad feelings surrounding the holiday. 

3) Valentine’s Day Blizzard

Similar to their counterparts at Shake Shack, Dairy Queen also likes to get into the fun on Valentine’s Day with special blizzards. In addition to the blizzard of the month, which is always Red Velvet in February, Dairy Queen has special blizzards specifically for the holiday, including a chocolate-covered strawberry blizzard, which features vanilla soft serve, chunks of chocolate and strawberry topping.

Dairy Queen also brings back their Cupid Cake every year on Valentine’s Day, which is essentially a larger version of the chocolate and strawberry blizzard in the form of a heart-shaped cake. The cake is meant to serve two people, but for singles it is another way to gorge yourself and enjoy being alone. 

4) Secret Valentine

Just like the game played on Christmas, friends looking to receive gifts on Valentine’s Day can play Secret Valentine. The rules are simple. Everyone in the group is randomly-assigned someone else in the group to get a gift for. Then, on Valentine’s Day the whole group gets together to exchange gifts and celebrate the holiday. 

Although it might be a little repetitive for those who participated in a Secret Santa in December, Secret Valentine is a great way for larger friend groups to make sure everyone gets a little something on Valentine’s Day. 

5) Anti-Valentines

Anti-Valentines is a lesser-known Valentine’s Day tradition that started only a few years ago. It involves writing negative messages to an ex (but not sending them) as a way to get out any negative emotions surrounding the holiday. Then, in order to make it a real card, people will often decorate the front of the card with a cheesy message to celebrate their singleness like “Not today cupid!”

It is recommended that people do this in a lighthearted manner as to not actually express anger towards any past partner. Additionally, it is often done in a group, so that the activity is lighthearted and not emotionally-overwhelming.

Although Valentine’s Day might be a holiday marketed for couples, that does not mean that it can not be just as enjoyable for singles. There is truly something for everyone who wants to enjoy the ‘magic’ of Valentine’s Day.