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The Gospel According To Gloger

By Ben Gloger, Columnist

October 6, 2009

Churchill, I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more loving. But it looks like I'm going to stay a sick boy for some time, because even after looking high and low, I have yet to find any love. Where is the love, CHS? Times are tough. The stock market’s shakier than a poorly constructed...

Paper shortage too costly for students

By Maya Montayne, Opinions Editor

October 6, 2009

Move over “the dog ate my homework,” another excuse just might be taking your place “my printer wasn’t working.” Along with several new changes in the CHS community such as the stricter cell phone rules and the restriction on baked goods, another development has taken effect teachers are...

Public schools and uniforms do not match

By Maddie Ulanow
Staff Writer

June 9, 2009

D.C.’s public school chancellor Michelle Rhee is trying very hard to improve the District’s schools, and though her efforts have been somewhat controversial, the mandatory uniform policy for the 2009-2010 school year absolutely crosses a line. Released last month, next year’s policy enables...

Unheralded sports teams must win over new fans

By Sebastian Romero
Ian Plotnick
Staff Writers

May 28, 2009

The varsity girls lacrosse team has recently gone undefeated in the regular season with wins over Wootton and Quince Orchard, teams the Bulldogs have not beaten in six years, but nobody seems to care. On the other hand, varsity football received praise from everybody even though they did not make the...

Toxic plastic bags need to be banned

By Dina Khatib
Online Observations Editor

May 28, 2009

The Empire State Building is a renowned landmark in the US, known for once being the tallest building in the world and now, after the destruction of the World Trade Towers, being the tallest of all New York City buildings. So, it may be strange to imagine the 102 story, 1,250 foot high building completely...

Futuristic masks may be frightening reality

By Carly Rotter
Staff Writer

May 28, 2009

The economy remains in a recession, our country is in its seventh year of war and many live in fear of terrorist attacks. Maybe what everybody needs is an escape. This was most likely going through the minds of the inventors of the “frog concept,” which is arguably one of the most significant...

MCPS must expand special programs

By Suzy Rudorfer
Circulation Manager

May 28, 2009

Specialized magnet schools and the International Baccalaureate (IB) program are the two most notable examples of “special programs” offered in MCPS high schools. At first glance, these and other programs seem like a harmless way to challenge advanced students with a rigorous schedule. Upon closer...

Faceoff: Potbelly’s serves scrumptious subs

By Ben Hollander
Public Relations

May 28, 2009

Rotten subs, terrible service and bread with knives in it are some of the complaints Subway customers have expressed over the years. Potbelly’s on the other hand, is a much better sub chain, serving delicious, hot sandwiches, tasty milkshakes, a warm welcoming atmosphere and knife-free subs; and not...

Faceoff: Subway offers great variety

By Alex Fanaroff
Staff Writer

May 28, 2009

All day long your teachers and parents tell you what to do, but at Subway, you are the boss.  Subway is an exceptional sub and sandwich shop, and hands down the best sandwich restaurant around in comparison with Quizno’s and Potbelly’s. Subway is so great for two reasons. One is that, unlike...

The Gospel According To Gloger

By Ben Gloger

May 28, 2009

Undoubtedly you have turned to this section to hear something a little different, to get a breather from the news, pressure, parents, tests, opposite/same sex, bodily functions and anything else that’s just plain bringing you down, man. Whether it’s the swine flu or those damn Somalian pirates, you’ve...

SAT policy unfair to the underprivileged

By Maya Montayne
Opinions Editor

May 26, 2009

SAT scores have constantly been dramatized as one of the most important components of a college application. For decades the four-hour long test has had the power to completely eclipse four years of high school work, but many colleges, such as Smith College and Wakeforest, are beginning to drop the SAT...

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