Extra Extra! Clever ways to reuse your ‘Observer’


photo by Katie Gauch

You are able to reuse the Observer for many tasks, including gardening.

By Katie Gauch, Editor-in-Chief

1, 2, 3, 4….18, 19, 20. Done. Just like that, you finished the newest edition of the gripping and informative Observer. Now what?

Don’t worry. Here are some unique ways to recycle your favorite articles for when spring starts, March 20.

Get your News did
Girls, listen up. Stop painting your nails with pastel pink, lilac and teal colors alone to get that springy look. With this easy design, you can always have words from your favorite articles on the go by imprinting them straight over a color of your choice.

What you need:
Nail Polish (light color)
Base Coat
Rubbing Alcohol
Nail Polish Remover/Q-tips
The Observer

1. Cut out a favorite Observer article into small strips.
2. Put a base coat on to show the color more vibrantly.
3. Paint each nail with the color of choice. Apply a double coat, if desired, and a top coat as well.
4. Once your nails are completely dry, pour just enough rubbing alcohol to cover your nail into a cup.
5. Dip your nail into the cup for about 15 seconds. Make sure the nail is completely immersed into the rubbing alcohol.
6. Remove your finger from the cup and immediately press the Observer strip onto the nail firmly for about 20 seconds.
7. Remove carefully and apply another top coat.
8. Repeat steps four through seven for each nail until all are Observer-fied!

“I’ve always thought this was a unique idea to use newspaper as nail polish opposed to one color,” senior Charli Lilienfield said. “My favorite colors to use under the newspaper would be pale colors by Essie. Using pale and light colors as a base coat helps make the newspaper stand out and adds your personality on your nails.”

Let the facts coast in

Ever get tired of using the same boring coasters for those summery drinks every year? Don’t worry; if there’s a paper, there’s way. Take clips from your favorite articles throughout the year and make unique-Observer themed coasters to sit back and relax with.

What you need:
Plastic bag
The Observer

1. Take four sheets from the newspaper and cut each one vertically in halves for a total of eight strips. If you want the coaster to pop, use some of the colored pages.
2. Fold each strip in half and crease well. Make sure the folds are tight.
3. Creating the coaster is like creating a weave: lay two strips next to each other.
4. Place one strip perpendicular to the other two strips, going under one strip and on top of the other.
5. Continue step four until there are four horizontal strips and four vertical strips with the weave layout (over, under, over, under). Make sure the strips are packed closely together.
6. To finish the end of each strip, fold the bottom of the strip up and crease the fold.
7. Fold the top of the strip and tuck the strip under the horizontal strip. (You may need to cut the strip based on fit).
8. Repeat steps six and seven until all the edges are secured.
9. Cover in a plastic bag to protect the paper from getting wet.

“I think they could be really helpful when my family has friends over for dinner or when my family is relaxing outside,” sophomore Mina Jeremic said. “Each one is unique and different.”

You step into CVS and what do you see? Gift bags that are over-priced with a typical design. Whether it’s a birthday present, Easter candy or a graduation gift, save your money and make an Observer bag that will make your style on fleek.

What you need:
Hole puncher
String or ribbon
The Observer

1. Take one sheet from the Observer and fold it along the original fold.
2. Fold the top down about 1 cm and glue the inside. Spread glue on the exterior and fold one more time. Crease and press tightly.
3. Fold the top down about 4 cm, and then flip and fold in the opposite direction. Do this to the bottom also.
4. On each side, press the middle part in, fold and crease. This will start the inside of the bag.
5. Repeat steps two and three to the bottom side ONLY.
6. Reach inside the top and press the bottom to create the base of the bag.
7. Punch two holes on each side at the top (about 8 cm away) and tie the string to create two handles.

“I think it looks awesome to store gifts in newspaper because there are a bunch of words and pictures all over it,” junior Andrew Footer said. “It’s kind of abstract.”

Don’t soil the paper

What’s black, green and blue all over? An Observer soil pot. Make as many of these tiny pots as you want to for a mini garden that will grow fresh herbs to add to your meals and drinks.

What you need:
6 oz. can
The Observer

1. Cut one sheet in half and fold each half in thirds.
2. Leaving about ½ of an inch on the bottom, roll the can over the newspaper tightly. Tape to secure.
3. Fold the bottom in and tape. Make sure there are no holes or gaps so the soil stays in. Adjust the width from the bottom to the can if needed.
4. Remove the can and flip over.

“I would totally do that,” junior Alexandra Conway said. “I haven’t before, but with the right amount of tape it would work.”

Next time you finish reading the Observer, do not even think about recycling it or throwing it out. CHS, go out and proudly style the Observer in fun and useful ways.