The Wanted plays at Fillmore for final tour


The Wanted performed at the Filmore April 9 as a part of its final tour before breaking up.

By Jamie Lescht and Jordan Maser

British boy band The Wanted came to the Filmore April 9 on their Word of Mouth tour, the band’s final tour before its members go their separate ways.

The Wanted, most commonly known for its hit song “Glad You Came,” kicked off its tour in the US April 4. The band’s dynamic performance kept the audience entertained the entire night.

While the Fillmore is known for hosting lesser-known alternative artists, it has begun to cater to a different audience: high school students. The Fillmore’s open floor plan allowed for a personal and interactive experience between the performers and fans.

Red Midnight, an American boy band known for its single “Take Me Home,” and Cassio Monroe, rising pop-rap duo known for its single “Under the Lights,” opened up for The Wanted. Although they are just coming into the mainstream spotlight, the bands were well received by the crowd and were the perfect pump-up for the main act.

The band came out right on time and did not leave the audience waiting for long—The Wanted eager to thrill to audience.

To kick of the set it began with its upbeat “Gold Forever.” There was not a lull in its performance, and the crowd stayed energized until the final song “We Own the Night.”

The Fillmore put on an overall entertaining and successful event that showcased a band that will be missed by their dedicated fans.