What’s Trending This Month

By Danielle Kiefer and Julia Reagan


This website features a variety of entertaining social content on topics such as celebrities, food and DIY projects. The hysterical articles, lists and videos on Buzzfeed have people sharing and showing them to their friends via Facebook and Twitter. Some titles that can be found are “26 Reasons Why the World Needs Instagram” and “The Typical Day of a Kid in the Early ‘90s”.


Always on the lookout for the latest technology, students are pumped about the most recent iPhone update, iOS7, released Sept. 18.  Along with a more sophisticated and sleek design, the upgrade offers a variety of new features including Control Center, AirDrop, and iTunes Radio.


Students who are avid fans of popular TV series Pretty Little Liars will be excited for the Oct. 22 premiere of its spin-off, Ravenswood. Tyler Blackburn will reprise his Pretty Little Liars role as Caleb Rivers, devoted boyfriend to Rosewood resident, Hanna Marin, (Ashley Benson). Ravenswood follows five teenagers who work together to try to solve a mysterious curse that has been cast upon their town for many years.

Paradise Valley:

CHS students can’t get enough of John Mayer’s latest studio album, Paradise Valley.  The playlist contains 11 rock-folk songs, two of which feature bonus artists Katy Perry and Frank Ocean.  Recently recovered from vocal surgery, Mayer has used this album to reveal a more mature sound with a unique country twang.

Nike Free Flynet 5.0:

Students have been loving Nike’s new line of shoes, which are lightweight and have a snug, sock-like fit. Despite being made of only polyester yarn, the shoes provide breathability, support and flexibility. These running shoes are also stylish and available in a variety of colors.