Reality show reveals Ke$ha’s true, glittering colors


Ke$ha is unafraid to reveal her psychotic tendencies on her new show.

By Julia Reagan, Arts Editor

You probably know her best for waking up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy or constantly rocking absurd amounts of glitter, but in her new show My Crazy Beautiful Life, Ke$ha reveals her softer side and shares with viewers the reality of being a superstar.

The six-part documentary series, which airs on Tuesdays at 11 p.m. on MTV, follows Ke$ha during her first headlining world tour, Get Sleazy.  Each 20-minute episode manages to capture the ups and downs of her stardom perfectly.  Whether she is eating breakfast in her pajamas or performing in front of an audience of thousands, Ke$ha seems to be shamelessly herself on camera.

Ke$ha’s brother Lagan Sebert, who filmed the series, never fails to reveal her sensitive and intimate moments.  Fans who view Ke$ha as a powerhouse of strength and confidence may be surprised to see her heartbroken over her first love, Harold, or upset over a blogger who put personal pictures online.

While at times raw and emotional, the show also exposes Ke$ha’s funny side.  Viewers see her doing everything from complaining about her terrible cartwheel during a concert to searching for bearded men while in Scotland.

The editing style of the show, though sometimes chaotic, is unique and attention-grabbing.  In one particular scene, the camera rapidly alternates between different clips of Ke$ha at a night club, overwhelming the viewer with color and loud music.  In another scene, the cameraman effectively creates the feeling of being at a real concert, flipping between shots of Ke$ha on stage and the audience rocking out to her music.

Sebert’s use of cool transitions between scenes makes the show more interesting to watch.  The names of Ke$ha’s tour cities appear on the screen in a bold font as she is shown traveling around the world, and her original songs are layered over video shots.

Ke$ha also narrates particular events, such as when she is preparing to leave her family during her tour, which helps the viewer feel more personally connected to the star.

However, it can feel slightly disorganized, as the cameraman doesn’t focus on any particular experience for very long.

The documentary is refreshing compared to other reality shows that appear scripted and fake.  Whether they see Ke$ha comforting a fan who has been bullied or stalking her ex-boyfriend, fans will truly appreciate the woman behind the glitter in this series.