‘Crew Cuts’ reveals a more mature Hoodie Allen

‘Crew Cuts’ reveals a more mature Hoodie Allen

Hoodie Allen performs at the BBYO International Convention in D.C. Feb. 18. Allen has been especially keen on staying close to his fans.

By Emilie Plesset, Online Editor-in-Chief

Steven Markowitz, otherwise known as rapper Hoodie Allen, stands out among past graduates from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. Since leaving a coveted job at Google, Allen’s efforts in writing and recording music as well as forming an intimate relationship with fans has culminated in the Feb. 20 release of his new mixtape: Crew Cuts.

Crew Cuts is Allen’s third mix tape and the first tape to be released after his first extended play album, All American. The mixtape is less goofy than some of his previous material—it still maintains his usual exciting and upbeat style, however.

“[Crew Cuts] is definitely more musical and more mature in my opinion,” Allen said. “I think there is a genuine sentiment to the CD.”

In his newest songs, Allen maintains his cool and carefree mantra, while also revealing a more sentimental and serious side of himself. Tracks like “Let Me Be Me” and “Good Intentions” showcase Allen’s desire to rise to the best of his abilities without becoming obsessed with fame along the way.

“I wrote very much from my life, a lot about relationships and family and the struggles and triumphs of being independent,” Allen said.

Allen reverts back to his familiar fun and upbeat tempo in his second track, “Fame is for Assholes” which features Chiddy from Chiddy Bang. However, he still sustains the humble message that is evident throughout the rest of the tape. Allen preaches a negative attitude toward fame and assures his fans that, despite his success, he still considers himself a normal person.

Allen constantly breaks the barrier between his fans and himself. He responds to fan emails, tweets daily and allows fans the opportunity to join the ‘Hoodie mob,’ which allows members access to the front rows in concerts and meet-and-greets before shows. Allen is also currently working to personally call every fan who bought All American.

While Allen has released multiple mixtapes and tracks, only All American is available for purchase on iTunes. His other tracks are available for free download at hoodieallen.com.

“To me [Crew Cuts] is an album, but I wanted as many people to hear it for free as possible,” Allen said. “I wanted to give back to the fans who supported All American.”

Allen is currently working to release his debut full length album onto iTunes later this year.