CHS student band to play Virginia nightclub

CHS student band to play Virginia nightclub

By Aileen Choi, Advertising Manager

Certain images come to mind when thinking of rising bands: dusky garages, worn out instruments and the loud roar of music. Upcoming band Oh Lover, Uncover differentiates from these stereotypical garage bands and shows much potential.

The band, comprised of local teens including vocalist junior Erik Wang, guitarist junior Bryan Kirks and vocalist senior McCoy Chance, has been together since Aug. 20, and found the inspiration for its name in the song called “Said the King to the Rivery,” by La Dispute, a metal rock group.

“The reason we chose this genre is because metal core brings together many elements of different sounds like heavier guitars and vocals but also a more melodic side,” Wang said.

After being together for about three months, the band has released two singles: “Rude Awakening” and “Weaknesses.” Dec. 15 marks one of its biggest concerts yet; they will perform at the Virginia nightclub Empire, with well-known bands such as Make Me Famous and Get Scared.

Wang and Kirks were both looking to create a band after their previous bands disbanded. Commitment, talent and passion for music were the major deciding factors that Wang and Kirks were looking for in the new members.

After considering several different students, they decided on senior McCoy Chance as an additional vocalist, UMBC junior Nick Springer as the second guitarist, B-CC junior Carlos Hannan as the bassist and sophomore Ethan Wahl Taylor from Edmund Burke High School as their drummer.

Despite the fact that the members come from different backgrounds, they decided on the band through their love for the genre. Their distinct vocal sound and guitar style add to the mix of various elements in their music, and prevent them from producing a mediocre sound.

Once it gathers a larger following, the band is planning to release an extended preview, which is a short album consisting of two to eight songs. The members use their personal experiences and feelings to mold their unique songs into perfection.

According to Wang, he was determined to form the band of his dreams, since none of his previous bands were a “genre that he truly had a passion for.”

Ultimately, Oh Lover, Uncover wants to get signed to a record label and start touring. The band also dreams of playing at famous music events, such as Ice Jam and at the Vans Warped tour.

“We would love to do music professionally, and there’s really no limit to how far we want the band to go,” Wang said. “We’ll work to the best of our abilities and see where it takes us.”