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Pottermore keeps the popular series’ magic alive

Harry Potter fans across the world dreaded the release of the eighth and final Potter film this summer, especially upon seeing the movie poster displaying the words “It All Ends.” Fortunately for them, it’s not over yet.

J.K. Rowling, the author of the series, is working on her latest project, a website called Pottermore. The website, opening in October, includes the eBook and audio book versions of the series as well as new material written by Rowling herself, including interactive experiences and background information on characters, settings and other objects from the series.

“When the last movie came out, I felt like it was the end of an era, because for many people it felt like the end of their childhood,” junior Samantha Snowden said. “Pottermore provides people the opportunity to further explore the world of Harry Potter.”

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According to a June 23 Guardian article, Pottermore includes 18,000 words of new information, a number that could keep growing with time. In addition to the series’ back stories, users can immerse themselves in impressive illustrations of the scenes, with the ability to choose their own path through the wizarding world.

“I’ll probably most look forward to the interactive experiences where you can be sorted and reenact the story because when I was little, I loved the Harry Potter computer games,” junior Jessica Lee said.

A select few users were able to enter Pottermore Beta by completing the Magical Quill Challenge, which consisted of answering a tricky question about each of the seven books.

“I signed up because it looked like a fun time,” said Snowden, who found the magical quill. “J.K. Rowling wanted to make Pottermore more of an adventure; so instead of the usual way of registering, she made it a challenge.”

One might wonder whether the hype surrounding Pottermore stems from fans’ desire for a new development in the life of Harry Potter instead of the concept of the website itself. To some, the website just feels like a temporary way to stave off demands from fans who did not want the series to end.

Although Pottermore provides users a way to prevent the absolute end of the franchise, it does not give the same satisfaction or feeling as the books in the series. It lacks the draw that came with the potential for new adventures in the book , so it only holds value for dedicated fans who are truly interested in learning the minute details that were left out of the books.

“Pottermore is probably going to be more of an encyclopedia for die-hard fans,” Lee said.

Pottermore succeeds in updating the series that was previously not available in an eBook version. Rowling has successfully incorporated online interactivity to the iconic Harry Potter franchise, leaving it room to grow as audiences change. By adding a new aspect to storytelling that keeps up with modern day technology, Pottermore sets an example of how classic stories can stay alive and well in a new, digital generation.

“The books and the movies were stories about a world you could never

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Pottermore keeps the popular series’ magic alive