All Time Low prepares to release fourth album

By By Lauren Price, Staff Writer

“Everybody gettin’ kinda crunk; I think some dude just grabbed my junk; now I know how Ke$ha must be feelin.’’

These shallow, sarcastic lyrics are from the new single “I Feel like Dancin’,” released April 5 by Baltimore pop-punk band All Time Low. The single precedes the anticipated June 7 release of All Time Low’s fourth studio album, Dirty Work the band’s first album released with major record company Interscope Records.

This single leaves a lot to be desired. All Time Low’s previous songs were never especially deep; however, “Dancing” seems to be nothing more than a destined-to-be chart-topping pleaser with a catchy beat that tries to persuade the listener to also “dance like it’s [their] civil right.”

Although this single does not live up to expectations, it seems that the band members just wanted to have fun with their music, which is something that is lost on many serious, brooding artists. The single introduces a different sound for the band, which may be repeated more on the much anticipated album.

Another leaked single is titled “Under a Paper Moon,” which All Time Low performed live on their “Dirty Work” Tour, and has since gone viral. This song is about escaping and creating a new life. After analyzing the lyrics,  a listener could take this as the band implying that they want to escape from their old sound and create something new. Or, it could just be about escaping the stress of daily life. Whatever it is about, it is still a hit. The tune is similar to “Time-Bomb,” while still creating something All Time Low fans have never heard. “Paper Moon” finds itself sitting between “Time-Bomb” and “Dancing,” offering the best qualities of both.

The name Dirty Work was inspired by other media, including the 1968 Rolling Stones’ album and a 1998 movie of the same name. The name reflects some of the songs that appear on the album, as well as personal issues the band was experiencing during writing and recording.

This album is highly anticipated by All Time Low fans, and rightfully so. Dirty Work is bound to offer new sounds as the band progresses in their skills and popularity. Although “Dancing” was disappointing, it signals that the band is moving on to different sounds, as shown in the other singles leaked. The album will most likely demonstrate these new sounds, yielding mixed reactions.