Park Potomac serves up tasty and varied lunch options

Several new restaurants and eateries have recently opened in a convenient spot around the corner from CHS in Potomac Town Center off Seven Locks Road. Options range from organic burgers to healthy Mediterranean delights to a hot or cold food bar, giving seniors new lunch spots to try out. Rather than the same places at Cabin John or the mall, these new restaurants offer a variety of cuisines.

Elevation Burger:

Elevation Burger features organic choices of burgers, salads and sandwiches. They use organic beef as a healthier alternative to a traditional beef product.  Elevation Burger’s slogan states it is a “vision for an elevated product that is fresh and flavorful because it is made of the highest quality ingredients.”

“Paying for the quality of the organic meat and toppings, which are free, is a good deal,” senior Joe Milone said.

Elevation Burger is highly recommended for someone looking for fast food that is healthier than most chain burger places. For a healthy bun alternative, customers can order their burger wrapped in lettuce. Order at the counter and a steaming hot burger will be ready in no time. In addition to burgers, they serve grilled cheese, fries, and the Elevation salad, which contains mandarin oranges and toasted pecans. For dessert try the organic chocolate chip oatmeal pecan cookies, and vanilla, chocolate and coffee-flavored milkshakes.

“I would recommend it just because it is a new option for a healthier kind of burger, and all the toppings are free,” Milone said.

Zoës Kitchen:

Zoës Kitchen, a fast-casual restaurant, has tasty Mediterranean-inspired dishes made from fresh ingredients. At Zoës, customers order at the counter when they walk in, and a waiter brings the food out within minutes. Their signature dishes include shrimp, salmon or chicken kabobs, steak and chicken rollups, fresh hummus and veggie pita pizza. The service is quick and efficient; employees work hard to make every customer happy at the end of their meal by continuously checking with their customers throughout the meal.

“The food is great; it is different than anything else we have in the area since it’s mainly Greek-inspired food,” senior Arleigh Banner said.

Not only is the service at Zoës quick and easy, but the prices are affordable. The spinach roll-ups with mozzarella, fresh mushroom and sun-dried tomatoes are $7.45, and the chicken salad sandwich with lettuce, tomato and mayo is $7.35. Most meals include a choice of one side order, which ranges from potato salad to rice pilaf to roasted vegetables.

“It’s quick but it’s also healthy,” Banner said. “It’s not expensive, and the service is fast, so it makes a great lunch spot.”

Harris Teeter:

The new Harris Teeter, an upscale supermarket, has anything from sushi to a salad bar, so it’s almost guaranteed that something there will satisfy anyone’s taste buds. Harris Teeter also offers a sub shop; stop by and choose a variety of freshly made subs. Whether on the run or craving fresh, prepared foods to go, Harris Teeter is a convenient option.

 Brooklyn’s Deli:

Brooklyn’s Deli, a classic New York-style deli, offers deli favorites ranging from homemade pastrami to corned beef sandwiches or traditional matzo ball soup. Although the food is ranked very highly by customers, the service is not up to par with the quality of the meals.

“I would definitely recommend the deli to other people because the food is upscale and reasonably priced,” senior Alex Haffner said. “The one thing I wasn’t impressed with was the service because it took way too long for the waiter to bring my food to me.”