March Gladness


Photo by Justin Greenzaid

Sophomores Juliet Will (left) and Justina Gumucia (right) smile while appreciating a sticker that a teacher left on a quiz that was completed successfully.

By Justin Greenzaid, Sports Editor

The infamous March Madness basketball tournament will take the nation by storm once again this spring. However, the first day of play will not begin until March 14. While patiently waiting for the excitement to begin, take some time to reflect on all there is to be optimistic about. As springtime approaches, there is plenty to look forward to, and even if Punxsutawney Phil is correct regarding his prediction of six more weeks of winter, there are still many things to appreciate in day-to-day life. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the greatest things to cherish during March Gladness.

Getting a sticker on an assignment you scored well on:
Getting a good grade on a test, quiz or worksheet always feels great. But when a teacher goes the extra yard and throws on a shiny adhesive sticker to the work or writes “Great job” in their colored pen, the excitement from one’s hard work is multiplied.

Security guard greetings:
Walking into school early in the morning can oftentimes be grueling. However, a simple “Good morning!” from one of the security guards, whether it is JT or Mr. B goes a long way and starts the day off right.

Three-day weekends:
What is better? The extra day of rest, or the shortened work week when you return? That answer can go either way but one thing that is certain is three-day weekends are exceptional.

Longer days:
Whether you are trying to play basketball at 6:00 p.m. or just do not appreciate the dark drive home from work in the afternoon, the sun setting early is quite the bummer. But, very soon that will change. As the days get longer, especially with daylight savings coming up on March 12 there will be plenty of more light to do the activities you love.

No homework:
One of the greatest feelings is coming home from a long day of school knowing you have no assigned homework to complete. Appreciate any day in which you can relax with no worries about work and studying because they are very scarce.

Outfit compliments:
Strangers or friends, it does not matter. When someone compliments you on what you have on at school that day, even if it is just pajama pants, it brightens your whole mood.

Hallway songs:
Yes, sometimes the songs playing in the hallways can be pretty lame. But, when your favorite artist is finally blaring throughout the hallways on a Friday, whether it is SZA or Frank Ocean, take a moment to stop and appreciate that someone finally chose a respectable song to play.

Warmer weather:
Global warming obviously is not ideal, but that walk to the portables is much more enjoyable when it is 65 degrees and sunny and not 30 degrees and raining. As we move away from winter, take more time to enjoy the weather.

Wellness period:
Having a free period in a class can change the entire swing of one’s day. Whether they are going to sit there and scroll through TikTok or use the time to study for an upcoming quiz, wellness time should never be taken for granted.

Sporting event wins:
The only thing better than going to a Friday night basketball or hockey game with your friends decked out in that night’s theme is going to a Friday night sports game dressed in the theme when the Bulldogs get a win. Luckily, WCHS athletics are top tier so this is experienced quite often. Take the time to appreciate our successful athletics because at the end of the day you could have always gone to Wootton.

Eventually, March will come to an end. But even once March has passed, the gladness can still continue. Finding valuable things to be grateful for, either grand or minuscule, can go a long way in overall happiness. At the end of the day, even when you are unable to fully control a certain outcome in your life you can always control your own outlook.