Creative Halloween costumes for this October


Photo courtesy of @barbiemovieupdates on Instagram

Margot Robbie was spotted on set decked out in a neon skater outfit while filming her upcoming movie, “Barbie.” This 70s inspired costume is a fun and unique way to dress up for Halloween.

By Caitlin Murphy, Copy Editor

Everyone knows about the classic, sometimes slightly overdone, Halloween costumes such as a devil, a witch and a Disney princess. While these costumes are great options, many people prefer to dress up as something fun, relevant and unique for Halloween. This list includes options ranging from movie characters to celebrities, so everyone is sure to find something that catches their eye. For those searching for the perfect costume to wear on the spookiest night of the year, look no further.

70s Skaters – Margot Robbie as Barbie 

Currently, actors Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling are busy filming for their upcoming “Barbie” movie. Over the summer the stars were spotted on set decked out in 70s-inspired neon skating outfits. For those looking for a costume that combines fashion from the past with modern execution, this costume, complete with hot pink biker shorts, a colorful leotard and neon yellow accessories is sure to be a hit. 

Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen from “Gossip Girl”

Blair and Serena – the iconic duo. This pair of best friends is known for the hit TV show, “Gossip Girl.” Their classic school uniforms are preppy and cute – the perfect combination for a TV show-inspired Halloween costume. While dressing up as one of the characters is a great costume on its own, this costume is ideal for a pair of best friends looking to live out their Upper East Side dreams for a night. 

“Top Gun: Maverick” characters 

“Top Gun: Maverick” took the world by storm this past summer with its star-studded cast and action-packed plot. Dressing up as their favorite pilot in a green jumpsuit and shades is the perfect way for fans of the movie to celebrate the holiday. Given the popularity of “Top Gun: Maverick,” it is safe to say that we will be seeing plenty of aviators come the 31st. 

The Spice Girls

The Spice Girls were a British girl music group in the 90s that redefined “girl power” and had a primarily young girl fan base. Each group member had a “spice” name: Baby Spice, Scary Spice, Sporty Spice, Ginger Spice and Posh Spice. For friend groups looking for a unique costume idea for Halloween, picking one of the Spice Girls’ iconic 90s outfits is the perfect way to spice up Halloween.

Cher from “Clueless”

From her matching plaid mini skirt and blazer to her iconic Calvin Klein slip dress, Cher was the ultimate fashionista. The options are almost endless to choose from out of all of Cher’s stylish ensembles. Friends could even turn this idea into duo and trio costumes by dressing up as Cher’s friends, Dionne and Tai.

Female leads in rom-coms

Jenna Rink. Andie Anderson. Mia Thermopolis. What do all of these names have in common? Not only are they all leads in rom-coms, but they all have fabulous style and iconic outfits that we all know and love. From Jenna’s “Thriller” dress in “13 Going on 30” to Andie’s open-back yellow silk dress, there are countless rom-com outfits to take inspiration from for an upcoming Halloween party. 

Winx fairies

In September Netflix released the next season of “Fate: the Winx Saga,” a show inspired by Nickelodeon’s animated show, “Winx Club.” Fans of the shows can take inspiration from either the sparkly cartoon costumes or the modern, everyday outfits of the live-action characters. Either way, dressing up as a Winx fairy is a fun twist on a classic Halloween costume, the fairy.

“The Shining” twins

While many teens choose cute and fun costumes for Halloween, others like to maintain the spooky spirit of the holiday by drawing inspiration from scary movie characters. There are countless options to choose from depending on preference, but one unique idea is the twins from “The Shining.” With a Victorian-style blue dress splattered with blood and a stoic facial expression, this costume is sure to be a hit.  

Hopefully these costumes have provided some Halloween inspiration. If any of these ideas catch your eye, send the Observer a photo to be featured on Instagram. Have a happy Halloween!