More free time for students, means more time to watch netflix


Photo courtesy of @bridgertonnetflix on Instagram

The official TV posters for Netflix’s season two of “Bridgerton” is expected to attract several viewers of the platform.

By Diya Kachoria, Photo Manager

As WCHS students finish AP exams and their workload decreases, they may find that they have more free time to start the shows and movies they have been longing to watch. Although there have been several shows and movies from different genres that have been released in the past few months, the third and beginning of the fourth quarter proves to be some of the most stressful and time consuming months for WCHS students. Here is a list of shows and movies that have recently been released or are coming out during the month of May:

Season two of “Bridgerton”: Many young adults were captivated by Daphne’s love story of marrying a Duke while also being intrigued by Lady Whistledown’s letters full of gossip in the first season. While the show set in the Regency Era of England is scandal-filled, it also has a major theme of romance that continues throughout the new season as the focus shifts to a new Bridgerton sibling. Season two shifts to follow the story between Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley). It also has the goal of engaging viewers with drama, but to also follow the book series as closely as possible so readers can get a true visual of what they are reading. The show came out on March 24, and it may be a binge-worthy option if viewers want to catch up with the latest shows.

Season five of “The Elite”: This teen drama series continues for another season with both English and Spanish speakers loving it equally. Although the show may not be as popular in the United States, there are still several young adults who enjoy the message the show spreads. The show features three middle class students attending a private school in Spain with a higher class, and mixing the students together leads to consequences and murder. Americans are able to see and be educated on the fact that racism, homophobia, classism, and much more are still present throughout all cultures. This important but thrilling show was released on Netflix on April 8. Just like “Bridgerton,” viewers can catch up on the new season if in need of something to binge.

Season four volume 1 of “Stranger Things”: The popular show has served in both the supernatural and horror genre in which several teens have spent their free time binge watching. Viewers form a connection to Eleven and her friends as they battle monsters, form relationships and deal with what every teenager in the 1970s and 80s dealt with. The show has shifted from focusing on the teens fighting supernatural creatures in the upside down to them interpreting Russian code. The show has also boosted Netflix’s popularity since viewers loved the actors, special effects and plot. Several students at WCHS have watched all three seasons of “Stranger Things” and are expecting to be even more impressed by season four, coming out on May 27.

Season four of “The Circle”: This reality show is lighthearted and allows for viewers to get a different genre that has not been released in the last few months. The show has several contestants, some of whom may not have taken on their true identity, competing for money without being able to see each other, and only being able to communicate through a screen.  Contestants have to vote each other out, and ultimately decide who wins the money in the end. High school students are used to talking to one another virtually, but the show allows viewers to see how hard it is to connect with another person without seeing each other in person. Some people in the real world might not be truthful with who they are online, and it allows students at WCHS to see how easy it is for someone to fake their identity. The new season is coming out on May 4, and there will be a new pool of contestants fighting for money.

“Senior Year”: Known for “Pitch Perfect” and “Super Fun Night,” Rebel Wilson draws her fans into this comedic film where she tries to become prom queen of her high school at age 37. After waking up from a coma, she has to overcome social problems to try and retain her status like she had. The movie may appeal to students at WCHS to lighten their mood after a few months of working hard and preparing for AP exams. The new role Wilson plays gives watchers a different view of her and the many roles that she can play. Students are looking forward to a new comedy becoming an addition on this platform, which is coming out on May 13.

As students finish these shows throughout the month, they have much more to look forward to in June like a new season of the Netflix Original “The Umbrella Academy” and “Hustle,” which stars Adam Sandler. As Netflix keeps releasing new shows and movies, it gives viewers something to be entertained and keep catching up on with their free time.