Watch out binge watchers: Netflix is changing its pace

Although some Netflix shows are changing their pace, Netflix itself isnt changing completely, and shows like Stranger Things, and Queer Eye are still dropping all of their episodes of a season at once.

Courtesy of Nur Yavuz.

Although some Netflix shows are changing their pace, Netflix itself isn’t changing completely, and shows like “Stranger Things,” and “Queer Eye” are still dropping all of their episodes of a season at once.

By Nur Yavuz, Assistant Observations Editor

Will Netflix be changing your binging habits for you? Netflix’s new pacing schedule is going to keep binging habits to a minimum. Binge watching devalues shows and gets rid of the concept of suspense, so not only will this be healthier for the younger audiences who have too much time on their hands, but it will keep viewers interested and on edge for what might happen next episode.

“Rhythm + Flow”, a new show airing Oct. 9, will be the first to present this concept along with the seventh season of “The British Baking Show”. The new pacing schedule requires that each episode will be paced a week apart.

According to an article on statistica written April 2018, 26 percent of 18 to 29 year olds binge watch Netlflix at least once a week in 2018.  

Binge watching makes the audience feel good and comfortable. Enjoyable activities generate an increase in dopamine levels, which is why the brain naturally wants to keep watching. Some cases are severe enough to be comparable with drug addictions. 

According to an article on How -To- Geek written July 2018, binging can eventually lead to situational depression once the show is over, because the high ends. Situational depression is a short term, stress related type of depression usually triggered after a series of traumatic events. Many WCHS students can relate to feeling dejected after finishing the final episode of their favorite show.

However, this format is a benefit for many viewers of these TV shows to help keep away from spoilers. Shows like “Stranger Things”, “Glow” and “Queer Eye” will continue dropping all of the episodes of a season at once.

According to a Vanity Fair article written April 2019, this little adjustment is to help with phases of competition from other streaming companies to build momentum and avoid spoilers to keep fans happy. The launch of Disney+ creates major competition for Netflix, which could explain the sudden experimentation with their format.

Netflix is known for hosting binging episodes for its subscribers, which isn’t going to change anytime soon. This change in format is a simple test for the time being. 

According to an article written for The Washington Post June 2019,, binge watching TV programs can affect your cardiovascular system, vision, socialisation and sleep patterns. Sitting for long periods at a time can increase the risk for heart disease and blood clots for those who do not stretch or take breaks for physical activity. 

It is undeniable that binge watching is an overall bad habit for anyone at any age. While watching multiple episodes of your favorite TV show can make you happy, sitting without activity for long periods of time can cause damage to your eyesight and body. This is why this new feature could help new teenagers get in control of their binging habits.

A survey conducted on behalf of Netflix defines binging as two to six episodes of a show in one sitting. 80 percent of the WCHS students who were asked in a poll watch more than two episodes of their favorite TV shows in a sitting, and 20 percent does not. 

This new feature is not only good for the health of teenagers, but it could also reduce the amount of screen time teenagers and young adults use. Netflix is not going to lose its infamous binge watching ability, and this format may provide a new opportunity for users to catch up on their favorite shows while not getting any spoilers at the same time.