Lesser-known holidays overshadowed by AP Exams

By Caitlyn Jennings, Assistant Observations Editor

All year long, advanced placement (AP) teachers prepare CHS students for the AP exams that come around every May, and every May, students undergo the stress that comes with studying for these exams. There are numerous lesser-known events that occur during the month of May that are overshadowed by the stress of AP exams.

Celebrating these days may be a unique way to relieve such exam stress for CHS students during the month.

Number One: Star Wars Day
May 4 has traditionally been designated as Star Wars Day. Last year, Star Wars Day fell on the AP NSL exam date for students taking the class. This year, however, the fourth, or force, couldn’t be with this year’s sophomores. Still, Star Wars Day should still be celebrated amongst students. When CHS students hear the word May, they either think of how much closer summer is or recall impending AP exams.

There are many ways CHS students can celebrate Star Wars day, including watching any of the Star Wars movies, having a Star Wars marathon and acting out a scene with a Star Wars lightsaber.

Number Two: No Socks Day
Many people frown upon wearing socks because they can be itchy and down-right annoying. No socks day day is the perfect day for people who can’t stand sock-wearing and for people on a time crunch. All one has to do is remember to walk around CHS with no socks May 8.

Number Three: Bike To Work Day
Remember when “Walk to School Day” was such a big deal in elementary school? We all felt so grown up, being able to walk to school without our parents. “Bike to Work Day” is a revamped version of Walk to School day.

Many CHS students have jobs and extracurricular activities outside of school. This day is an excellent opportunity to reap the benefits of vitamin D while enjoying exercise. Just make sure to pump up bike tires the night before May 18.

Number Four: Buy a Musical Instrument Day
Getting one’s first musical instrument is a rite of passage and should be treated as such. Many CHS students participate in band or orchestra. If one is in need of a new instrument, picking it up May 22 is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Number Five: Free Comic Book Day
On May 5, comic book stores throughout the country distribute free comic books. This idea goes back to a psychology phenomenon called the “foot-in-the-door” technique, where companies provide people with something small and hope that they’ll buy more.

These are just five examples of quirky, yet unknown holidays that occur in May. These special days in May are a perfect way for CHS students to relieve stress in such a busy time of year.
“Stress is a big concern for students,” guidance counselor Makeyda Soriano said.