New Bulldog Logo Brings Unity to School Image


Photo Courtesy of Jesse Smith

By Joe Raab, Social Media Editor

Athletic Director Jesse Smith released a new bulldog logo for CHS Feb 17.
The new bulldog logo will not only be used for all of the sports at the school, but will also be used by the school as a whole. The goal of having a uniform logo is to bring unity to the school.
“When I arrived, I noticed that there was no unity for the logos,” Smith said. “Everyone was doing their own thing and there was nothing unique about what was used.”
In previous years, sport teams would design and use their own logo. The different teams logos often differed from each other.
According to girls varsity head coach Haroot Hakopian, the committee which selected the logo consisted of seven people. The members included Principal Joan Benz, Smith, two parents from the Booster Club and two coaches including himself and former head football coach Albert Song.
By creating a new logo, Smith intends to bring the school closer together and have more uniformity throughout the sports.
“I think it is a good idea because we all come from the same school and the same logo will make us look more put together and more official,” junior Jimmy Rubino said.
The redesign of the logo was put into place to unite the school even more. It gives the school and everyone in it a common logo to unite under.
“I think a consistent logo across all athletic teams as well as all other bulldog related items is a great idea because it helps unify the school,” Hakopian said .
Along with changing what sports teams use as their logo, the new design will also be used in new merchandise at the school store.
According to Tamara Greenspan, the Booster Club School Store Chairperson, all new merchandise including hats, sweatshirts, shirts and more will incorporate the new logo.
There have been recent sales at the school store in preparation for the new merchandise to arrive. All items were on sale for ten dollars to make room for the new merchandise. The logo will be incorporated into the school and the school sports more as time goes on.
“The spring sports will be the first to use it,” Smith said. “They’ll be using it with their team gear that the purchase. As teams get new uniforms over time, they will have the new logos incorporated into those uniforms.”
The new logo will be exclusive to CHS and anyone who is not affiliated with the school will be not allowed to use it.
“This is a more college-based idea,” Hakopian said. “With a few exceptions, we have the same number of teams that most colleges have. I can’t think of a college that lets each individual sport choose its own logo. That does not make much sense.”
CHS has often lacked school spirit. It is hoped that this new logo will be the start of a new attitude towards our school.
“It gives the school more unity if we have just one [logo],” Benz said.