Students Take Action After Polarizing Election


By Dani Miller and Megan Park

With Inauguration Day right around the corner, it is time for country to start thinking about the future. Mirroring the the current political climate of our country, CHS students have different ideas for how a Trump presidency will affect our country.

For some CHS students and alumni, a Trump-led America causes them unease and is a thought that many people are not satisfied with.

According to CHS alumna Larisa Millman, who graduated in 2015, Trump’s presidency has already negatively affected her and her friends.

“Mount Holyoke [the school I attend] is about 25 percent international,” Millman said. “A lot of my international friends are worried they’ll get deported [or] banned from wearing a hijab.”

Sophomore Raaga Sireesharoy echoes this belief. She believes Trump as president will harm our country rather than benefit.

“I think Trump’s presidency is going to create a lot of tension in our country and actually set us back,” Sireesharoy said. “Because of his presidency, hate crimes are on the rise because people think it’s okay to act [hateful] if their president backs their views.”

Although Trump has already been elected, many in the CHS community are planning on consistently using their voice to stand up against rhetoric and policies with which they don’t agree.

Many protests and marches are being planned Inauguration Day weekend, most notably the “Women’s March on Washington,” which Millman and Sireesharoy both plan on attending.

“I’m going because I did not have a say in the election but I still want a chance for my voice to be heard,” Sireesharoy said. “I’m hoping that enough people will participate to get a lot of attention so many will understand the difficulties a lot of women face now that Trump will be our president.”

According to the March’s official Facebook event page, 140 thousand people have RSVP’d to the event while 229 thousand people are interested.

“[The Women’s March on Washington] is a March letting the Trump administration know that women will not tolerate Trump’s policies towards women and other oppressed groups.” Millman said. “I encourage everyone who is reading this to go.”

Some believe that protests add fuel to the fire and do not have a positive effect on our nation.

According to sophomore Joseph Gardemal, all that these protests and marches do is further divide us.

In fact, much of CHS is excited about the notion of a Trump presidency, believing it will positively affect our country’s future.

“Change is good every once in awhile,” Gardemal said. “We need different people running the government and expressing their views so that our country doesn’t become too one-sided.”

Although one could argue that our school is more divided than ever, people with both political ideologies still continue to use their voice while working hard to make a change.

In the midst of all the anti-Trump events occurring on Inauguration Day, the pro-Trump organization Bikers for Trump as well as as a smaller pro-Trump group, who self identify as Let America Hear us Roar for Trump! is planning an event as well.

According to the Let America Hear us Roar for Trump! Facebook event page, they are expecting around 500 people for their event and “Bikers for Trump” is reportedly expecting thousands of people.

Unlike the Women’s March, no known CHS Trump supporters are planning to attend either of these two events.

With powerful rhetoric and avid disagreements on both sides, the future of our country under a Trump administration seems more unclear and potentially scary than ever to some.

“We live in Trump’s America now,” senior Autumn Cook said. “All bets are off.”