CHS Bids Farewell To Memorable Staff Members

By Rebekah Sklute, News and Observations Online Editor

After 22 years of teaching, 17 years of which have been at CHS, Special Education teacher Patricia Eaton will be retiring this year.

Eaton is a special education case manager, co-teaches with four teachers and works with many students.

“I have watched my students grow and would like for all of them to continue doing well and to graduate,” Eaton said.

Students appreciate and recognize Eaton’s affectionate and supportive nature, and many have had the privilege of learning from her throughout their four years of high school.

“She is really outgoing, helpful, kind and really attentive to students’ needs and concerns,” junior Evan Lutterman said. “She is one of the best staff members at CHS.”

Aside from the CHS students, Eaton has formed bonds through her caring and warm nature to other teachers and co-workers. This year, Eaton co-taught Honors English 11 with English teacher Jennifer Miller.

“I think what people love about her is that she is really easy to talk to and incredibly supportive,” Miller said. “She truly believes in every kid and truly wants them to be successful.”