Brown wins STEM award


Photo by Sai Sreenivasan.

Brown received the Maryland 2015 STEM Educator of the Year award.

Molecular Genetics teacher Ginny Brown recently received the Maryland 2015 Stem Educator of the Year award. Brown designed the Molecular Genetics course in 1999 that awarded students college credit while conducting a research project with Johns Hopkins and Rutgers.

After 13 years as as medical technologist, Brown came to CHS in 1996 and taught Molecular Biology until she decided to develop a course that would allow students to experience the hands-on aspects of science while also learning material.

“I went into teaching to make others excited about science,” Brown said. “If I’m able to do that, I’ve done my job.”

Based on that ideal, Brown has worked with Johns Hopkins and Rutgers on a research project involving duckweed. Out of the 62 contributing schools, CHS is currently the second most contributing.
Brown’s students appreciate her for all she does for the class.

“She’s not only a great teacher but also an amazing person,” senior Ximena Tellez said.
According to Principal Joan Benz many students contact Mrs. Brown to tell her about the impact she has had on their lives.

“Not only does the award bring great honor to her but also brings honor to CHS for her achievement,” Benz said.