Administration eliminates final exam exemptions

By Ana Faguy, Senior Writer

After months of debate, the CHS administration has finally released a new exam exemption policy.

This policy states that there will essentially be no more exam exemptions at CHS. All CHS students who miss their exams will have to make them up.

“We spent the semester looking at the number of exemptions and developed a new policy so that we can give kids the opportunity to do makeups and not be fully exempt,” assistant principal John Taylor said.

The only cases which might be a cause for an exemption are instances in which a student is in the hospital and is not sure when he or she will be released.

Many students believe that this is a good change for CHS.

“I think that certain exemptions should be acceptable,” junior Andrew Footer said. “Too many people were getting exempt because of pointless reasons. There were so many [students] with weak excuses. I think it says that CHS is too relaxed and the students take advantage of the rules.”

Other students prefer that the policy stay situational.

“A lot of people go B/A for the semester and they don’t want to get a B on the exam so they try to get excused,” sophomore Joanna Kramer said. “It all depends on the situation. Some people who have to get their wisdom teeth out purposely schedule it during exams. People who have things like funerals or something should [be] exempted because they can’t control it.”

The new protocol says that if students cannot take their exam at the scheduled time, they must make it up on the make-up day. If students miss the make-up day, they must contact their administrator and find a time to make up the exam with them.

Students, staff and other community members now look to the upcoming June exams to see if the new policy will be effective throughout CHS.