SGA cancels Carnival


Photo courtesy of Jennifer Oristian.

In past years, the Carnival has been a way to hang out and raise the money.

By Emily Raab, Senior Writer

The annual SGA Carnival, which was to be held April 25, has been cancelled for the second year in a row.

The carnival was cancelled due to planning and liability issues with MCPS.

“I didn’t feel there was enough time to execute the carnival successfully.” CHS Business Administrator Lisa Wellek said. “There were elements of the carnival that needed approval from MCPS central office and we didn’t have enough notice to get that approval.”

The SGA planned for the carnival to include an obstacle course in addition to the games and booths planned by CHS clubs. The obstacle course was supposed to be similar to those seen on the television series Wipeout, but there was not enough time to get the event approved.

“I would have liked to be able to do the course,” SGA Carnival coordinator Orly Santos said. “It needed to be approved by both the county and the school.”

The previous year, the event was cancelled primarily due to issues with location.

According to Santos, the stadium field was unavailable due to the possibility of installing a turf field and the Chinese school’s use of the parking lot on Saturday left no place to run the carnival.

CHS students will miss participating in the carnival, which many have attended since they were in elementary school.

“It was fun to work and run the carnival and see people from the community come together,” senior Cece Wallerstedt said.

In the future, Santos hopes to be able to move the carnival to a Sunday to avoid scheduling problems.

“We absolutely want the carnival back,” Wellek said.