Registration moves from pen and paper to online


Lauren Roseman

Moore discusses next year’s course load with sophomore Enoch Li.

By Lauren Roseman, Staff Writer

Forget about that long and tedious process of registering for classes, where students have to search the course bulletin to find a four-numbered code for each class, write it on the registration card and bring the card to school the next day counselors can add them to the database.

This year, in order to simplify the registration process, MCPS students will register for classes through an online website.

“The county is always looking for new ideas to use technology,” said Robin Moore, head of counseling.  “We can’t just stay stagnant in pencil and paper.”

Students use their school username and password to log into the website.  Once logged in, students can see their teacher recommendations listed and can select courses based on those suggestions.

According to assistant principal John Taylor, MCPS decided on the county-wide registration after running a successful pilot test last year involving different public schools, including Hoover Middle School.  CHS was not selected as one of the pilot schools.

The results found that the online registration was effective because it was easier to manage, more accessible and had fewer complications.

Although all MCPS public schools are having their students register for classes online, only CHS and Wootton allow students to register on a computer at home.

According to Taylor, administration is confident that students will take registering for classes seriously, regardless of where they register.

Freshman Josie Monson believes that the online registration will make the registration process less complicated.

“I think it’ll help Churchill,” Monson said.  “It’s easier to see your classes and more efficient.”

Moving to online registration is another step CHS is taking to use technology in new and helpful ways.  Since students register on their own time, they can use in-school sessions with counselors to talk more in depth about the classes they want to take.  This way, any problems that arose while registering can be immediately addressed.

“When technology can help us do something more efficiently, that gives us more time to guide and help students with other issues,” Moore said.