Bathroom walls painted black


Fiona Asbury

The walls of the men’s and women’s bathrooms next to the second floor staff lounge were painted black.

By Fiona Asbury, Opinions Editor

On Nov. 20 the walls of the men’s and women’s bathrooms next to the second floor staff lounge were permanently painted black in an attempt to cover graffiti.

According to building service manager Angel Delgado, it is still undecided whether or not all of the other bathrooms will follow suit, as building services does not know whether it will be effective.

Many measures were taken before the issue reached this level.

“The walls were cleaned and painted many times,” Delgado said.

According to Delagdo, graffiti is a prevalent problem at CHS, though some bathrooms are worse than others.

Some students feel that at CHS the issue is not the quantity of the graffiti, but the quality.

“A lot of the graffiti I see on the walls of the boys’ bathroom is objectifying women and [female]-shaming,” a junior who wished to remain anonymous said.

According to the anonymous source, he has engaged in graffiti before, mainly as a way to entertain himself. In addition to drawing on the walls, he has also urinated on them, all as a form of entertainment.

Meanwhile, in the girls’ bathrooms, students feel that the graffiti is less prevalent, but still there.

According to sophomore Becca Clem, she does not notice much of the graffiti, except for a few phrases.

However, according to junior Julie Thomasian, it just depends on where you go.

“I think the worst bathroom is the one across from the auditorium,” Thomasian said. “Some of the graffiti is disturbing and appalling.”

The bathrooms that have been painted black are a test drive to see if students can respectfully occupy a space. With a clean slate, perhaps CHS students can find ways to entertain themselves in a less destructive way.