SMOB Advisory Council


The members of the SMOB Council

By Alissa Li, Observations Editor

Amongst the diverse group of students SMOB Dahlia Huh gathered from all over MCPS to be a part of her SMOB Council are many CHS students. The SMOB Council comprises of more than 55 students ranging from elementary to high school who work together to achieve the SMOB’s agenda for the year.

Freshmen Olivia Wang, Volunteer Ops Deputy

Freshman Omisa Jinsi, High School Affairs Deputy

Freshman Allison Wachen, General Secretary

Freshman Iman Durrani, General Secretary

Sophomore Balbina Yang, Resources Director

Junior Erika Matthews, Internship and Career Ops Deputy

Junior Harini Babu, Legislative Deputy

Junior Madison Hurr, Community Press Correspondent and High School Affairs Deputy

Junior Martin Yau, Volunteer Ops Deputy

Senior Sammi Silber, Press Secretary

“The Council facilitates communication between the diverse school system and the Student Member to ensure that every voice is heard,” Huh said. The Council is the largest it’s ever been this year so that no student voice is left out of the conversation.”